PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY: Your's products were built to last. But even the best products can be affected by outside factors like air or water conditions, environmental concerns, installation, and yes, even issues in the manufacturing process. So we back our equipment with some of the best warranties in the business.'s limited warranty is comprehensive and covers all manufacturers' defects, and repairs or replaces any failed or defective mechanical or electrical parts. Please keep the sales receipt you received when you purchased your product, as you need them to verify your coverage at the time of service. You must maintain the product as recommended by our manufacturer’s owner’s manual or product warranty. Refer to your sales invoice or receipt to determine the term of this policy.
1. “Product” means:
1.1. All products manufactured or supplied by; and
1.2. Any component of or accessory for any Product in clause 1.1.
2. “Customer” means the person who purchased and paid for the Product.
General Warranty
3. A Customer is entitled to a replacement or refund for a major product failure.
4. A Customer is also entitled to have a Product repaired or replaced if the Product fails to be of acceptable quality
and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
Dead on Arrival (DOA) Product
5. A's product is considered DOA if it is completely not functioning when received by the customer. If you believe that your product is DOA, please contact the Support Team at the following contact details within thirty (30) days of purchase. Support Team will determine whether the product is DOA and offer you the following options:
5.1. Replacement: The same product that your ordered will be shipped to you at’s expense.
5.2. In the cases in this clause 5.1, will provide a prepaid label from a courier of its own choice to cover the shipping costs for the return of the Product. Upon return lodgement of the DOA product with the chosen shipping partner, will send a new replacement Product to the Customer.
5.3. Repair: You may have the product repaired under’s standard product warranty.
6. For warranty claims made thirty (30) days after the purchase of the Product,’s standard product warranty will apply.
Offer and Duration of Product Warranties
7. warrants that its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship affecting normal use, for one (1) year (the accessories purchased separately will be 30 days) from the date of purchase (“Warranty Period”), provided that the products are handled with normal application, installation, use and conditions. 
8. If a Product malfunctions or becomes inoperative during the Warranty Period due to a defect in materials or workmanship, as determined by, then subject to further rights conferred by the American Consumer Law on the Purchaser, will, in exercise of its sole discretion and without charge to the Customer, either:
8.1. Repair the defective Product;
8.2. Replace the defective Product; or
8.3. Provide a refund to the Customer for the purchase price paid for the defective Product, 
In the cases under this clause 8, will provide a prepaid label from a courier of its own choice to cover the shipping costs for the return of the Product. Upon receipt of the Product, will send a replacement Product tothe Customer. 
Exclusions and Limitations
A. Any Product that is not installed by a licensed plumber, gas installer, or contractor.
B. Damages due to accidents, abuse, misuse, improper installation, misapplication, or incorrect sizing.
C. Damages due to fires, flooding, freezing, electrical surges, or any Acts of God.
D. Damages due to unauthorized alterations, attachments, and/or repairs.
E. Damages due to a lack of maintenance (e.g. water filter, water treatment system, vent blockage, etc.).
F. Any Product installed in an improper environment (e.g. corrosive, dusty, chemically contaminated,excessive lint, etc.).
G. Freeze damage that occurs without taking proper preventive measures as described in the installation manual.
H. Condensate damage due to improperly installed or lack of a condensate trap (drain).
I.  Any Product not installed in compliance with all applicable local & provincial codes, ordinances, and good trade practices.
J.  Any failures that are not due to defects in materials or workmanship (mechanical and/or electrical parts).
K. Damages due to improper installation:
  • Gas: incorrect gas pipe sizing, incorrect gas meter sizing, incorrect gas type, and/or gas pressures that fall outside the Product’s specified range.
  • Water: incorrect water pipe sizing, water pressures that fall outside the Product’s specified range, recirculation flow rates that fall outside the Product’s specified range (air removal), and/or lack of proper methods of air removal in a closed-loop, circulation system. (See installation manual for details.)
  • Electric: supply power voltages that fall outside the Product’s specified range.
L. Damages due to water quality:
  • Introduction of liquids other than potable water or potable water / glycol mixtures into the Product.
  • Introduction of pool water, spa water, or any chemically treated water into the Product.
  • Introduction of hard water measuring more than 7 grains per gallon (120 ppm) for single family domestic applications or more than 4 grains per gallon (70 ppm) for all other types of applications into the Product.
  • Introduction of untreated or poorly treated well water into the Product.
  • Introduction of water with pH levels less than 6.5 and greater than 8.5 into the Product.