The Homeappliances is the leading distributor of quality and affordable home appliances in the United States. We distribute a range of products in the United States, including the following brands: Camplux, Gasland (Gasland chef), Thermomate and Thermoflow, which are located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and many more. We are constantly striving to provide affordable home appliance solutions for countless families, and our efforts have been recognized by many customers.

The Homeappliances focus on providing hot water solutions, kitchen appliances and energy-efficient camping products for people who enjoy simple and relaxed time at home or outdoors. Our products and services are designed to inspire enthusiasm, improve the quality of life and help protect natural resources. We want to provide the highest quality and reliability.

The Homeappliances will never stop seeking growth and progress. With our complete in-house customer service and technical services department in the US, we ensure that our valued customers always receive the best support for their products. We provide you with the best help!